WhoMadeWho "The Morning" Alarm Clock

The new WhoMadeWho single "The Morning" premiered November 25th 2013 at 7 am local time.
To make sure people didn't miss it we created an app that automatically sets your alarm on your smartphone to make sure you'll wake
up in the morning with a smile on your face to the sound of "The Morning".

After you turned of the alarm, you could buy it through iTunes, and choose to participate in
the new online music video that premiered at the same time.

The alarm still works after the release, with the option to set your own wakeup time ;-)

Download the app right here: iTunes
Buy the song here: iTunes

The project was awarded FWA Mobile Of The Day. Link

ONKEL ANDERS:   Art Direction, Idea/Concept    -     ILLUSTRATION:   IronFlag

WhoMadeWho "The Morning" Online Music video

Following the release of the new WhoMadeWho single,
'The Morning', we created the opportunity for fans to part of the online music video.

We asked them to record a small video (or take a picture) of how they look in the morning and
hashtag it #wmwthemorning on instagram. For each view/reload you'll see a 'unique'
video with the Instagram uploads for #wmwthemorning

View the experince her: 
Buy the song here: iTunes

ONKEL ANDERS:   Art Direction, Idea/Concept    -     ILLUSTRATION:   IronFlag

WhoMadeWho & Mark Lanegan: Limited 7" vinyl

Mark Lanegan, the man with the voice, and Who Made Who, the Danish trio,
decided to materialize a collaboration by covering each others’ tracks.

Lanegan covered the Danes’ ‘Below the Cherry Moon’, while WhoMadeWho created their version of ‘Deep Black Vanishing Train’. Both tracks of this Mark Lanegan vs WhoMadeWho collab will be available on a very limited edition vinyl disc, exclusively available via wmwlanegan.com, a site that will be online from December 1st. By the end of the month both tracks will also be released digitally.

Even more interesting is the fact that only 1.111 hand numbered copies of the vinyl disc will be delivered, and that all the money gathered with the record will be offered to Amnesty International.

ONKEL ANDERS:   Art Direction/Design